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The Creative Purpose

This is a 6th month program starting June 20th ending in November.  The program includes Contemporary/Lyrical and Hip Hop Dance Classes as well as Music Classes which will focus on vocals. 

Also included are Afro Fusion and Poetry Workshops 


During this program, the students will not only learn technique and enhance their skills in the selected areas/class, we will also have them focus on using their gifts to inspire and express themselves. Creative P. Productions focus on getting artists to focus on their "Purpose" in life. 

We will have the students prepare a production to showcase at the end of program in November (TBD) that will focus on                                                                                                                                                        *Peer Pressure



                                                                       *Self Worth 

Afro-Fusion Workshops

June 7 & September 6 at 6pm (ages 5-10)

July 5 & October 4 at 6pm (ages 11-18)

Poetry Workshops

June 15 & September 14 at 11am (ages 5-10) 

July 13th & October 121th at 11am  (ages 11-18)


Contemporary/Lyrical Dance

Every Thursday at 6pm (ages 11-18) 


Music/Vocal Class

Rotating Saturdays starting June 29 at 11am

(set Saturday schedule will be emailed once registered) 


Hip Hop Dance 

Rotating Saturdays starting June 22 at 11am

(set Saturday schedule will be emailed once registered) 


Registration Fees: $35

$50 a month for 8 classes 

$10 drop in


Every one must pay the $35 registration fee,

including those just paying as they go ($10 drop in) 

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