Showcase Krew

You and your friends like to perform on stage? Join the "1in5" Teen Showcase Krew and you will be learning different choreographies to perform during festivals, fairs and other special events in the Orlando area. 
Every six weeks or so, the Studio is proud to Showcase somewhere in the community!
You can of course be a part of each performance, or only participate according to your availability.
So join us for the fun of performing onstage every now and then! See the rehearsal schedule below and join it when you can!!


  • “1in5" Teen Showcase Krew  will have rehearsals  Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm.

  • Choreographer/Instructors:  Members of Nomads, under the direction of Clarissa Turner 

  • Price: $60 per month

  • Performance Outfits :  T-shirts: $20,    Pants: Use your own black jeans or black leggings.
    No shoes need to be purchased, you can use your own black sneakers.

Note: There is usually no fee asked to the students for participating in festivals and events. If there is one, it will be announced ahead of time, and it will be your choice to participate or not.

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